Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  |   Why do I need to set the date on the VHC-Reader

The VHC-Reader checks its internal clock against the expiration date of the VHC Vitamin-D test lot in order to make sure that the test kit is not expired. If there is a missmatch between the internal data and the test’s expiry date, the display will show “DATE”.  NOTE: When turning on the VHC-Reader for the first time or after changing the batteries, date and time may need to be set as otherwise the “DATE” error might show up. Please refer to the VHC-Reader Quick-Guide or the Manual for instructions on how to set the internal clock.


  |   How can i buy it or become a distributor?

The Vitality-Health-Check platform and testkits are sold through a network of distributors, specialized on specific point of care test applications.
For more information about appointed distributors or on how to become a distributor please send us a request via the contact form.


  |   What are its Features ?

The Vitality Health Check is a novel portable professional health monitor. It allows to generate reliable results regarding important health-status parameters at any point of care. Core features are:

    • Run multiple tests on one platform
    • Relevant health parameters
    • Fits in any pocket
    • Cost effective
    • Results within seconds
    • Clear Semi-quanitative and quantitative measurements
    • Straightforward client consultation
    • Small sample sizes
    • Samples: capillary blood, sputum, urine
    • Detects low signals not visible to the human eye
    • Battery operated
    • Electronic documentation
    • Interface for data management
    • Professional user groups

  |   What is the Vitality-Health-Check Reader?

The Vitality-Health-Check platform is suitable for use in the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of measurement results obtained with any standard lateral flow test format based on color change. It can also be used to analyze test strips without housing.

The cube-shaped device has an edge length of approx. 41 mm, making it probably the world’s smallest reader that will even fit into a pocket. It weighs only 40 g. The Vitality-Health-Check platform is inexpensive and very user-friendly since it has only one operating button. The clear test result is displayed after just 3 seconds.

First applications include the parameters Vitamin-D from capillary blood sample (fingerprick) and Cortisol from sputum sample.